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Hand Crafted Knifes - Each An Original

Welcome to our most fun page.  Here we get to show pieces that have been created by us using the materials and skills that have been used for centuries.  All wrapped knifes are done with artificial sinew. We use horn, bone, antler and wood with hand knapped blades.  Unless otherwise noted, these knifes are for display only and not for everyday use.  Most come with display stands and all can have stands if requested.  If the stands are included, they will have the Earth/Man Creations logo on the bottom, thus assuring you that they are originals.


No two knifes will ever be the same, as each comes to life as the artist works on it - sometimes changing as each step progresses.


We hope you enjoy your knife(s) as much as we enjoy creating them.


A word of caution - please handle all knifes with care and do not let children play with them.  All knapped blades are sharp.